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On Tour: Germantown, MD

Germantown, a sleepy DC suburb named for the German immigrants who once owned shops there, is now increasingly home to immigrants from Asia and Latin America. It reminded me a little of Los Angeles, in that extraordinarily delicious world cuisine can be found in the most ordinary-looking strip malls. Black Rock Center for the Arts […]

On Tour: Newport News, VA

Usually when you’re sharing a social issue documentary, most people only want to hear about the issues. So I was glad for the chance to talk filmmaking with a group of bright, engaged cinephiles at the Christopher Newport University film club. Despite the fact that the school doesn’t yet offer production classes (the film club […]

On Tour: Wilmington, DE

For my first stop on On Screen / In Person, I stayed with my grandparents, Ray and Arleen Higgins. Their pleasant home in leafy Newark, Delaware is a testament to what good jobs can get you. Ray worked most of his life as a high school teacher, in a good union. Arleen worked for Gore, […]

On Tour: West Long Branch, NJ

I arrived at Professor Marina Vujnovic’s Intro to Journalism class a few minutes early, and a few students had already gathered. Making conversation, I asked what they’ve been doing in the class so far. “Writing papers about you!” replied one young woman. (Uh oh—seriously?) When Marina arrived she clarified that they have reviewed the film’s […]

On Tour: Erie, PA

From the window of the tiny connector plane, Lake Erie stretches so wide behind the eponymous town, a mottled map of green farms and industrial infrastructure, that you can see the curvature of the earth in its glassy surface. This is only my second visit to the Great Lakes ever, after the Traverse City Film […]

Director’s Statement

(adapted from filmmakers’ New York Times op-ed) We’re making this film because it’s a classic underdog story and we’re inspired by the courage of our protagonists. We want to understand how ordinary people find such courage in themselves. We think this film has the potential to change the way Americans think about labor, immigration and […]